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Weed Control Update:


The Lake Pulaski Lake Improvement District (LID) has contracted to treat Eurasian Watermilfoil and Curlyleaf Pondweed in Lake Pulaski and Little Pulaski in 2014. This year’s application will be similar to the 2013 application, per the DNR guidelines that were updated in 2013.  The application area will cap at a maximum of 15% of the littoral acreage which will again be approximately 17 acres on Lake Pulaski and 5 acres on Little Pulaski.  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has granted to the Lake Pulaski LID a waiver of the requirement that the association obtain the signatures of approval of owners of lake-shore property. Instead, the Lake Pulaski LID will notify property owners of the treatment through an alternate form. This letter is one form that the Lake Pulaski LID is using to notify property owners. Other forms will include notification  on the  Lake  Pulaski  web page,  www.lakepulaski.com  and  discussion of  weed control at the annual meeting the third Tues. in August.  With regard to the treatment for this year, 2014…..Read More


Entries are Posted - Lake Pulaski Ice Out Contest 

Lake Pulaski Association is inviting you to participate in "Guess the ICE OUT date" contest.  Ice Out is defined as the first day the lake is completely free of ice.  All entries need to be posted to the website and a grand prize awarded to the person who guesses the correct date and closest time all ice is completely off the lake. Winner receives $50 gift certificate to Huikko's Bison Creek Bar & Grill. Go to lakepulaski.com and click on 'Contact Us' on upper right side of home page. Enter name, address, phone #, then enter date/time of your guess in the Message field, then click submit button. Go to the Ice Out Contest page to see all entries posted and winner. The deadline to post your entry is midnight Sunday April 6th.


Lake Pulaski Residents,

Below is an email sent to the LID Board from the DNR as a reminder to check for Zebra Mussels this fall.   

"As winter approaches, many lakeshore owners will begin to remove boats, docks, lifts, and other water-related equipment that have been sitting in the lake all summer. As this occurs, we would like to ask for your lake association’s assistance in inspecting your equipment and looking out for attached zebra mussels or other aquatic invasive species (AIS).

To clarify, we have not received any reports of zebra mussels on your lake. Inspections at the end of the season are simply a way to be proactive in searching for AIS infestations at the earliest stages. We believe that inspecting your boats and docks is a step everyone can take to help the DNR’s efforts in early detection of aquatic invasive species. 

Attached is a DNR News Release sent out early this month that focuses on the importance of early detection and includes more information on how to legally remove and store water-related equipment for the winter. 

If you suspect that you have found zebra mussels or other AIS, please follow these steps:

1.      Note the location where the specimen is found

2.      Take a picture of the specimen in question

3.      Report it to your Invasive Species Specialist (Christine Jurek: 320-223-7847)

Below is a link to helpful information about transporting docks, lifts, and water-related equipment, and what to consider when hiring businesses to do this work for you: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/invasives/shoreland_owners.html

Please feel free to forward this email and attachment to all of your lake association members and shoreline owners.

We appreciate your assistance and support in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species in Minnesota and in assisting us in our efforts for early detection of AIS. We look forward to continuing our partnership with your lake association in the future."


Assistant Invasive Species Specialist
MN DNR Ecological and Water Resources

940 Industrial Dr. S. Suite 103

Sauk Rapids, MN 56379


2013 Lake Levels

Nov 2nd = 964.35

Oct 13th = 964.74

Sept 21st = 964.91

Aug 16th - 965.16 

Aug 8th - 965.27

Aug 5th - 965.29

July 25th – 965.65

July 20th – 965.77

July 9th - 965.78


July 3rd - 965.84


Go to Lake Level page for additional readings

Go to Buffalo’s City Engineering site to latest Buffalo lake levels


DNR Rules for when pumps can be turned on:

1) We cannot pump prior to June 1st

2) We cannot pump if Lake Pulaski below 966.0 (currently above this)


3) We cannot pump if Buffalo is exceeds 915.5 and Buffalo must have outward flow to Crow River.


LID Annual Meeting

This years annual LID (Lake Improvement District) meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 20th at 7:00 pm.

Meeting topics include updates on water quality (Zebra Mussels and weed control), water levels, DNR updates, other improvements and the LID budget. The meeting location will be at Huikko’s Bowling Center in the Meeting Room, 1207 Hwy 25 North in Buffalo. This is good opportunity to learn more about what is being done to improve lake conditions.

Immediately following will be the Lake Pulaski Social. Huikko's will serve great appetizers, cookies/bars, and coffee. Alcohol beverages can be purchased at the bar. This is a great way to meet new residents and/or stay connected with your fellow lake homeowners.


  Lake Pulaski 2013 Parade

Thanks to everyone that participated in this years Lake Pulaski parade! The weather that day and fireworks that night were spectacular! Go to Image Gallary to see all parade pictures. 

Boat/Pontoon placings:

1st place - - Dave Leonard  “Abraham Lincoln”

2nd place – Brian and Kristin Lotthammer –“watercraft train’

3rd place – O’borsky family – ‘Wizard of Oz’

4th place – Tom and Jill Walker


Water-Ski placings:

1st Place – Alviani kids – Alex, Erin and Kyle

2nd Place – The Murphy’s – Jeff and kids Megan and Grace

3rd Place – Anna Lee


Weed Control update:

June 28th – Update

The DNR has approved the final 2013 EWM treatment. A total of 17 acres will be sprayed.  The product used has restrictions in place for the area that are treated. The product used has restrictions ONLY FOR THE AREAS THAT ARE TREATED. These areas will be marked with either Orange DNR signs on the shore of with floating marker buoys in the lake.

Restrictions include

Drinking Water: 21 day restriction

Domestic Uses (washing dishes/clothes/etc.): 21 day restriction Irrigation (food crops, turf, ornamentals): 21 day restriction Livestock Watering: 21 day restriction

There are NO restrictions on Swimming or Fish Consumption

Areas will be treated after July 8th - See Map



 May 08 – Update

The Lake Pulaski Improvement District (LID) has contracted to treat Eurasian Watermilfoil and Curlyleaf Pondweed in Lake Pulaski and Little Pulaski in 2013. This year’s application will be considerably less than 2012, as new DNR guidelines have decreased the application area to a maximum of 15% of the littoral acreage. In 2012 we were allowed 72 acres on Lake Pulaski and 7 acres on Little Pulaski. In 2013 we will be allowed 17 acres on Lake Pulaski and 5 acres on Little Pulaski.

Click to read entire letter sent to all Lake Pulaski and Little Pulaski residents



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 NEW!  Preventing Zebra Mussels from entering Lake Pulaski.

Description: http://www.lakepulaski.com/cms_uploads/Zebra%20M%20pic-%20home%20page%284%29.jpgBoaters and lakeshore property owners must do everything possible to learn about this invasive species and take every action possible to help. If Lake Pulaski becomes infested we will no longer have the privilege to pump when the water is high.  Many Minnesota recreational lakes have been or soon will be infested with this non-native aquatic invasive species. Some popular Minnesota lakes currently infested with zebra mussels include: Minnetonka, Pelican, Le Homme Dieu, Fish Lake, Prior lake, Gull lake and Mille Lacs. To find out more about this aquatic invasive species and our fight to prevent it, visit the newly created Zebra Mussels page on this website where photos, information, and links to recent news articles will be archived.


Zebra Mussels are a major threat to our lake. This highly invasive specie has made it way to many popular lakes in Minnesota. We encourage you to learn about Zebra Mussels and understand the threat they pose for our Lake Pulaski.

Update May 2013 - This year the landing will be staffed with inspectors from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm from May 25th thru Sept 1st. The City of Buffalo will be responsible for hiring and supervision of the inspectors.  They will be trained by the DNR. The money budgeted last fall will go to pay for the labor cost and the City is absorbing the balance.  More detail on this at the annual meeting.  The inspectors are not authorized to refuse entrance to the lake, as only the DNR has that power.  However, the inspector can notify the Sheriff's department and take down the boater’s information to report them.

 We will be using a questionnaire that will be completed and are working on the best way to upload the data for future reference.   This will record last lake visited prior to coming to Pulaski, whether or not they live in Buffalo, type of boat (i.e. personal watercraft, fishing, runabout etc), drain plug in/out at launch, etc.   We will be using a variation of the questionnaire the VOLT inspectors used last year.   We are making progress but welcome ideas from folks on the lake. Any suggestions/comments can be submitted to our email address at LID@LakePulaski.com.