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Residents of Lake Pulaski:

The Pulaski Lake Improvement District Annual Meeting will be held at Huikko's 1207 Hwy 25 N Buffalo, MN 55313 on August 17th, 2021 at 7:00PM. 

A busy Summer is upon us, so please have patients when loading and unloading your watercraft as wait times can be long.  Please see below a list of  some of the DNR boating rules. A complete list & description is found on the MN DNR website https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/regulations/boatwater/index.html. Please reference the website, for everyone’s safety.

*Personal watercraft are only allowed on the water between 9:30AM- 1 hour before sunset 

*Do NOT follow directly behind boats towing people. Stay a minimum of 150 feet away in all directions!!

*Personal watercraft (ex. Jet skis) are not allowed to jump boat wakes within 150 feet, including jumping other personal watercraft wakes.

*Boats are allowed to tow people between sunrise & 1/2 hour after sunset.

*Wear your lifejacket


If you see any dangerous behavior, please have a description of the watercraft (registration numbers if possible) and contact the Wright County Sheriff's Office at 763-682-1162.  You can remain anonymous.


 Please note the Wright AIS Decon station hours of operation have changed to: Mon-Thu 9 to 5 | Friday Saturday Sunday 7 to 7

FREE Aquatic Invasive Species Decontamination Station
Collaboration between Wright Soil and Water and Bishop AIS Services 

  • Where: Anchor Dock and Lift Storage Facility | 240 Popular Ave Annandale (behind classic Rides and Rods off of Hwy 55)
  • When: Monday-Thursday 9am to 5pm; Friday Saturday Sunday 7am to 7pm
  • Small boats take about 10 minutes; larger vessels 20-30 minutes
Current Water Levels:
Pulaski Lake Level as of 07/27/2021: 964.53
Buffalo Lake Level as of 07/23/2021: 913.33
Buffalo Lake has to be at 915.50 or lower in order to pump.




 *Go to Water Level page for data details 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s 4th of July Parade! 

*** All 2020 pictures can be viewed in the Image Gallery 


1st Place - Jed & Stacy Bergstrom Family

2nd Place - Chris & Penny Kauffman Family

3rd Place - Reg & Juile Berg Family

4th Place - Jacobson Family

  Waterski Parade Winners

 1st Place  Anderson & Shaffer Family

 2nd Place Buselmeier Family

 3rd Place Melgaard & Peterson Families







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 Preventing Zebra Mussels from entering Lake Pulaski.

Description: http://www.lakepulaski.com/cms_uploads/Zebra%20M%20pic-%20home%20page%284%29.jpgBoaters and lakeshore property owners must do everything possible to learn about this invasive species and take every action possible to help. If Lake Pulaski becomes infested we will no longer have the privilege to pump when the water is high.  Many Minnesota recreational lakes have been or soon will be infested with this non-native aquatic invasive species. Some popular Minnesota lakes currently infested with zebra mussels include: Minnetonka, Pelican, Le Homme Dieu, Fish Lake, Prior lake, Gull lake and Mille Lacs. To find out more about this aquatic invasive species and our fight to prevent it, visit the newly created Zebra Mussels page on this website where photos, information, and links to recent news articles will be archived.


Zebra Mussels are a major threat to our lake. This highly invasive specie has made it way to many popular lakes in Minnesota. We encourage you to learn about Zebra Mussels and understand the threat they pose for our Lake Pulaski.

The landing will be staffed with inspectors from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm from May 25th thru Sept 1st. The City of Buffalo will be responsible for hiring and supervision of the inspectors.  They will be trained by the DNR. The money budgeted last fall will go to pay for the labor cost and the City is absorbing the balance.  More detail on this at the annual meeting.  The inspectors are not authorized to refuse entrance to the lake, as only the DNR has that power.  However, the inspector can notify the Sheriff's department and take down the boater’s information to report them.

 We will be using a questionnaire that will be completed and are working on the best way to upload the data for future reference.   This will record last lake visited prior to coming to Pulaski, whether or not they live in Buffalo, type of boat (i.e. personal watercraft, fishing, runabout etc), drain plug in/out at launch, etc.   We will be using a variation of the questionnaire the VOLT inspectors used last year.   We are making progress but welcome ideas from folks on the lake. Any suggestions/comments can be submitted to our email address at LID@LakePulaski.com.