Lost and Found

Items either lost or found may be reported to this website by going to the Contact Us  webpage. Include a description of the lost or found item, date/time and location of the loss or finding, and include contact information. When the lost item has been claimed please go to the Contact Us webpage and update the status of the lost items. Postings will be automatically deleted after 6 months.


 A water ski washed up on our beach earlier this summer shortly before the 4th of July weekend. If you know someone who dropped a ski and was unable to find it, please have them call us and describe it to reclaim it.  Dean @ 763-682-4898
We lost a set of O'Brien Jr. Vortex Waterskis (blue & grey) in Lake Pulaski. We have successfully located one ski, but are still looking for the second. If you find it, please contact Mike at 952-451-2998. Thank you.