DNR Correspondence


The Minnesota DNR is the agency of the United States charged with convserving and managing the state's natural resources. The Lake Pulaski LID Board members coorispond with the DNR on a number of items affecting our lake. This page contains current and past communication on items such as pumping and spraying for lake weeds.


2011 Request to Amend Permit:

Most recent request to amend our current pumping permit was sent to the DNR on August 2nd.  DNR Request  Aug 1st 2011. 


 2003 DNR denial letters:

There has been some confusion around the LID's ability to pump when the lake is below 966 feet or to even pump down in the fall to an extra 1.5 feet to reach 963 feet.  This has been asked of the DNR many times in the past and has been denied. Below are denial letters from 2003 as this was the last big water event for Lake Pulaski. 2003 DNR Denial Letters


Request for Variance:

Report from the Army Corp of Engineers 1986 - This was submitted to the DNR back in October 2003 when we asked for a variance to start pumping and go below 964.5 to allow for the bounce. The LID was not granted that request, however there is relevant information the board is using to request permission to turn pumps on while Buffalo is still at the 915.5 level.  *Note this is a large document and make take time to render.


Lake Pulaski Pumping Rules:

See Lake Pulaski Amended Permit 87-3002 (dated March 23, 1998) [this supercedes all previous versions of Permit 87-3002 and Permit 87-3033.]