1/29/12 – Greg Hules

1/29/2012 – In Memory of …
Greg Hules – Lake Pulaski Resident and Former LID Board Member passed away on January 18, 2012 after many years of fighting with Alpha-1 disease.

Greg served on the LID Board from 2005 – 2009 and during that time was a champion for the cause on keeping this lake in the best position we could while working within the confines of the DNR. Greg was no quitter – in fact I have never known anyone with the determination and zest for life that he maintained – no matter what was thrown in front of him. It was that spirit of not accepting “no” as the answer that kept him with us much longer than anyone would have anticipated. Sometimes the added benefits you receive when serving on a board or committee are not immediately visible, but this was one of them – I came to meet and become friends with Greg and Sandi and will forever be touched by that experience. The strength the two of them showed through the years – particularly the last two – is something that is very special. They did not take time for granted. It was and is special and not to be wasted. Greg was many things to many people and he will be missed – but also remembered always as the memories of times shared come back to those who loved him. Kathryn Hoy / Treasurer