2000 Annual Meeting Minutes


Present: Florence Deutsch
Galen Eastlack
Kathryn Hoy
John Siffert
Judie Rose
Guests: Mike Demmer, City of Buffalo Council Member.

Present:        Florence Deutsch

Galen Eastlack Kathryn Hoy John Siffert Judie Rose

Guests:         Mike Demmer, City of Buffalo Council Member.


M/S/C: Karen Campbell moved to recommend approval of the 1999 annual meeting minutes. Motion seconded by Allen Malerich. Motion passed unanimously.

2000 Boating Regulations: Joel Mackerath was unable to attend the meeting. In a memo from Steve Quill, Wright County Deputy, he stated that there are no new boating regulations. Officer Quill provided boating packets for lake residents.

Milfoil Update: Galen Eastlack reported that 84 acres of Lake Pulaski were treated for milfoil last year rather successfully. This year, the board recommends that 50 acres be treated, including Little Pulaski. The largest area on Lake Pulaski that needs treatment extends from Little Pulaski 100 feet west, and 300 feet towards east and south. Also a large patch by Douglas Drive 3 acres to the north along with sporadic patches through out the lake.

It is the recommendation of the board to treat the milfoil in the fall, after Labor Day rather than in the spring. The natural vegetation in Lake Pulaski grows quickly in the spring because the water is clear. This vegetation canopies the milfoil. To treat in the fall is to treat most affectively. The board recommends continuing to treat the milfoil each year to keep it under control. Cost for treating the milfoil is budgeted at $20,000.00 this year. The cost to treat last year was $28,900. R and J Aquatics is contracted to treat the lake.

Water Quality Monitoring: The Lake Pulaski Improvement District has contracted with Wenck Associates, an engineering firm in Maple Plain, to monitor water quality. Along with the City of Buffalo Engineers, they have concentrated on the building developments around the lake, monitoring the holding ponds to make sure the quality as well as quantity of the ponds is sufficient. The next step is to monitor the water quality of the water actually

flowing into the lake. Our main concern is that Pulaski Ponds does not get over taxed by the new development in that area. Monitoring will begin in the spring with water samples from the runoff of Pulaski Ponds.

The City of Buffalo is looking at a program to maintain and monitor existing ponds. The Lake Pulaski LID has hired the Wenck Associates to make sure we are tracking with the City of Buffalo. The LID has paid the Wenck engineers $250.00 to evaluate each development that has a holding pond and determine the correct depth and size, for proper water quality management.

There was discussion as to why an engineering firm has been hired to take water quality samples when a volunteer could do the job. It was explained that in order to have a legal water quality procedure, the LID needs to go through the correct channels.

It was suggested that since the City of Buffalo owns all of Lake Pulaski and most of Little Pulaski now, tax dollars should be used for the expenses of the lake. Mr. Gerard Melgaard addressed this by stating that the Lake Improvement District, we still need to look out for ourselves. We as a group, have the power to make the decisions through the LID. We have more of a vested interest in the milfoil spraying of the lake, of the water quality and the lake level. We are the gatekeepers of the lake. We are lucky a LID was established 13 years ago. The City of Buffalo listens to what the LID has to say in regards to the lake.

They understand the LID does their homework and has the best interest of the lake in mind. The LID acts as the watchdog for the lake and the residents appreciate their work.

2000 Annual Budget: See enclosed.

Kathryn Hoy explained that $40,100.00 is budgeted for 2000-2001. $36,000.00 for 1999- 2000. $57,000.00 was spent. Milfoil expenses were four times what was budgeted.

There is an excess, carry over money that we have chosen to keep in case it is needed for milfoil, pump replacement or other unexpected expenses. This money was accessed in 1999 for milfoil. This year, 2000-2001 is $40,100.00: $20,000 for milfoil control and water quality expenses in engineering costs. We will continue to have milfoil expenses, electrical expenses to run the pumps, plus engineering expenses. Other costs will go down.

M/S/C: Nancy Bergert moved to recommend approval of the 2000-2001 budget. Motion seconded by Gerard Melgaard. Motion passed with the corrections noted by the treasurer.

Election of LID Board of Directors:

John Siffert is up for re-election. Nominations were opened to the floor. Gerard Melgaard nominated John Siffert. Ralph Muller nominated Carl Johnson. Carl Johnson withdrew his nomination. A verbal vote was taken. Results were to re-elect John Siffert.

New Business:

Carl Johnson is our resident Fathomologist. Carl measured the lake level every day for the LID, which is deeply appreciated. Thank you to Ron Muntifering for putting the buoys in the channel. Also for the legwork in making keys for the board for the storage units.

Thank you to Mike Demmer for the outstanding job he has done for us on the City Council.

Nancy Bergert representing the Friends of the Park, wanted to thank lake residents for their vote of confidence in the referendum of Lake Pulaski parks and trails. Nancy explained where the trails would be going around the lakes and the city. The project should be completed by the end of the summer of 2001.

Tree Stump removal: It was brought up that the tree stumps that are in Lake Pulaski be removed. Mike Demmer asked if the city had been approached to remove the stumps? Judie Rose suggested that this is a DNR issue.

M/S/C: Carl Johnson made a motion that the board looks into the removal of the stumps on Lake Pulaski. Jan Volkenant seconded the motion. Motion passed.

There was discussion about retaining walls and other debris that may be in the water. Gerard Melgaard suggested contacting the city to pick up any retaining walls that may be floating on the shoreline.

DNR Shocking Fish: It was reported that the DNR was shocking fish at about 2:00 a.m. on a morning in May. It was suggested that the DNR put a notice in the Buffalo paper when they are planning on such an activity so as to not alarm lake residents.

M/S/C: Mike Demmer moved to adjourn this annual meeting of the Lake Pulaski Improvement District. Motion seconded by Allen Malerich. Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol M. Busse
Administrative Assistant