2010 4th of July Parade winners!

 A huge “Thank You” to everyone who participated in the 4th of July parade! We had well over 20 boat/pontoons this year and the judging was not easy! Go to Image Gallery to view the all the photos. 

Congratulations to our parade winners!!

Boat/Pontoon Parade
1. Meyer Family and Friends (Tiger Woods)  
2. Oborsky Family (New Twins Stadium) 
3. McCourt, Nault, and Abbas Families (Happy Birthday USA)
4. Stevens, Murphy, Hartman, Mills, Herschley, and Campbell Families (Trumpet Players)

Water Ski Parade

1. Kyle, Alex and Ian Alviani 

2. Tyler and Kyle Haupert, Becky and Katie Horack 

3. Jennifer and Nicholas Allen, Tori Weber