Annual LID Meeting AUG 2019 DRAFT

Annual Meeting Minutes
Lake Pulaski Improvement District

August 20th, 2019, 7:00pm
Huikko’s Bowling Center
1207 MN-25, Buffalo, MN, 55313

Present: Jon Tank Jill Murphy
Bill Jundt Brooke Cebulla
Dave Tauscher


  • Welcome to the 2019 Annual Lake Pulaski LID Meeting
  • Introduction
  • Call meeting to order
  • Approval of the minutes from the 2018 annual meeting
  • Lake Weed update
  • Solar Bee Mixer for Pulaski Ponds
  • Boat Inspections/Staffing
  • Current Lake Level Update/AIS Update
  • Financial Update & Budget – presented by Schlenner Wenner
  • New Business
  • Voting Rules & LID Election

Jon Tank welcomed everyone to the 2019 annual meeting.

Jon Tank introduced everyone on the LID Board. Jon Tank also recognized that Wright County Commissioner Christine Husom was in attendance.

The meeting was called to order by Jon Tank.

Jon Tank made a motion to approve the minutes from the 2018 annual meeting. Attendees read through minutes, Allan Malerich made a motion to approve the minutes, Bob Kolb seconded, motion passed.

Lake Weed Update:

Dave Tauscher introduced Patrick Selter with PLM Lake & Land Management Corp. The Pulaski Lake Improvement District (LID) contracted with PLM this year (2019) to treat Eurasian Watermilfoil in Lake Pulaski. This year’s application was completed per DNR guidelines and included grant funding received from the Wright County totaling

$2,275.00. Patrick Selter from PLM gave a detailed explanation of their process and product attributes and plan for weed management. Mr. Selter showed maps and treatment areas from multiple lakes around the state of MN over a period of different years to explain and show to lake residents how they are going to improve and almost eliminate milfoil.

Solar Bee Mixer for Pulaski Ponds:

Jon Tank introduced Justin Knauss with Bolton & Menk, city engineer. Bolton & Menk are contracted by the City of Buffalo. Justin and his team have been studying and running tests on Pulaski Ponds for multiple years to make sure Pulaski Ponds is functioning the way it’s intended. They have discovered that the pond is being effective in the Spring and early Summer months, but late Summer the numbers are not showing as good. The solution that Bolton & Menk have decided upon is purchasing a machine called a Solar Bee Mixer that essentially aerates the water in the pond. These mixers are designed to solve a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater quality problems including high energy costs, EPA discharge permit violations and odor control. Not only can these mixers operate 24/7 to improve overall treatment, they can also supply most of the mixing energy required in any treatment pond. The mixer will be sitting in the center of the pond year round. This area will be drudged of sediment large enough for the Solar Bee to fit. The City of Buffalo will be maintaining and insuring the mixer. The cost of the mixer is $35,790.00. The PLID will be contributing $9,999.00. This will be paid once the mixer is in place and working properly.

Griffin Park Landing:

Jon Tank discussed happenings at Griffin Park Boat Landing.

Staffing will take place from dusk til dawn from May 11th (fishing open) through the end of October, 10/31/2019.

This year there were level one inspectors on site. This means that these inspectors can check everything on the exterior and interior of the boat, including boarding the boat and inspecting inside.

Money budgeted in 2018 for staffing at the landing was $10,000. The city of Buffalo is matched our $10,000 and is doing the same for 2019.

A summary of watercraft inspections are as follows:

Total boats: 3,094 inspected vs. 2,551 from 2018 (18% increase)

From Buffalo: 1,433 vs. 1,029 from 2018

% Out of Town: 54% from out of town (1,661 boats) Arrive with plug in: 50 arrived with plugs in

Total finds: 394 with plants

The board is still discussing with the City of Buffalo a possible gate and/or wash station for boats entering Lake Pulaski. There is still great risk of the potential of evasive species invading the lake, such as zebra mussels and starry stonewort. This in itself would cause it’s own list of problems, but worse case is if Buffalo Lake did not have it also, we would not be allowed to turn the pumps on at all.

Current lake levels/No Wake Zone Update:

Jon Tank discussed with the residents about the high water levels, buoys, 600ft no wake, the previous ordinance that was voted upon at the 2014 annual meeting and the 30 day emergency declaration with the DNR.

The residents at the 2014 annual PLID meeting had voted upon and passed an ordinance of 300ft no wake zone. Early in the Summer of 2019 with high water levels, Jon Tank reached out to The City regarding the ordinance. Jon was informed by The City that the ordinance has never been filed and therefore was non-existent. Jon discussed this with the DNR, who then informed him that if the ordinance is put in place, it can NEVER be removed. The DNR recommended in our case, to apply for a 30 day emergency declaration at 600 ft. The LID board applied for 30 day declaration and it was granted.

Buoys were put out at the 600ft mark as a reference to all lake residents as well as anyone else using the lake. The LID had to apply for a permit to place buoys before doing so.

Once the permit was granted the LID hired Anchor dock to put the buoys in place and for removal.

Jon Tank asked for a motion to rescind the motion for the ordinance in 2014. Alan Malerich made a motion to rescind it, George Fantazza seconded, motion passed.

Bill Jundt went through the Secchi Disk Read (water clarity):

On 8/15/19 reading was 11’-6. 2018 reading was 19’-3, and in 2017 it was 17’-9, and in 2016 it was 21’-6.

DNR Rules for when pumps can be turned on:

  1. We cannot pump if Lake Pulaski is below 966.0
  2. We cannot pump if Buffalo exceeds 915.5 and Buffalo must have outward flow to Crow River.

Ice out was 4/20/19, 2019, we were already at flood stage.

July 2nd, 2019 we commenced pumping, pumps turned off July 5th. On July 23rd pumps were turned back on.

Lake Level as of 8/20/19 was 966.05

Rainy season is September, October, November, so pumping will continue.

Bill Jundt explained that the DNR did change our permit and it’s documented that the LID can pump at any time we reach 966.0 no matter what time of year.

Bill Jundt reported that the pumps have been running well. He personally checks them, and checks them often. Pumps are checked by divers at the beginning of each season to check for any issues.

2019 Budget:

The PLID accountant Jon archer from Schlenner Wenner & Co will be re-capping 2018 and presenting 2019 numbers thus far along with a proposed upcoming budget for 2020.

Jill Murphy introduced Jon Archer. Mr. Archer reviewed line by line the LID budget.

  • 2018 is now closed:
  • Income of $98,187.34
  • Expenses of $43,777.09
  • Ending balance of $196,368.50 ($40,000 marked for potential AIS infestation)
  • 2019 Projection: Through June 30th, 2019
  • Revenue of $50,172.00
  • Expenses of $32,606.86
  • Balance as of 6/30/19 $213,733.64
  • PLID is projecting an additional $40,000 in expenses for 2019 which reduces the balance to roughly $173,733.64. In November the LID has $46,500 of projected property tax income which puts the 2019 ending balance roughly at $220,233.64

2020 Projection: Expenses of $79,525 + $20,000 (proposed potential AIS infestation which was previously approved at the end of 2018 PLID annual meeting) totaling

$99,525 for 2020.

Jill Murphy proposed adding $9,999.00 to the budget for 2020 to cover the cost of the Solar Bee. Changing the projected total to $109,525 for 2020. A motion was made to approve the budget for 2020 by Bob Kolb, Gerard Melgaard seconded, motion passed.

New Business:

A question was brought up about the house boat that has been on the lake for the last couple weeks. A resident was wondering where they are dumping their waste from the house boat, and if everything about the boat itself is legal?

Bill Jundt answered that from what he has been told that they are dumping all their waste at the public restroom at the public beach. And the sheriff department said the boat is legal.


2019 Voting: Only one vote will be cast per Lake Pulaski Improvement District household, even if there are multiple owners for that particular household. Votes will be counted by two non-LID board members.

One LID member term expires this year, Bill Jundt.

Bill Jundt was uncontested in the election, there were no other nominations.

Jon Tank made a motion for nominations to be closed, Gerard Melgaard seconded, motion passed.

Bill Jundt will serve another term on the LID board.

Allan Malerich made a motion to end the meeting at 8:44pm. Alan Swanson seconded, motion passed. Meeting adjourned.