“Guess the Ice Over Date” Contests

“Ice Over” is defined as the date that the ice completely covers the surface of the water and that it remains iced over for at least 24 hours. Entries can be sumitted by going to the Contact Us page.  Enter your name, address, email address and your Message which is the date you think the lake will freeze over.

Contest Rules

1. One entry per household.

2. Eligible households include Lake Pulaski residents and surrounding area.

3. Multiple correct entries will be decided by a drawing.

4. Entries will be posted to the site as soon as administatively possible.

5. Prize to be awared will be a $30 gift certificate to Hoiikus.

Past ‘Ice Over’ dates: 

2008 – December 7th

2006 – November 30th

2005 – December 2nd

2004 – December 18th

2002 – December 5th

Dates recorded by Carl Johnson