Letter to Property Owners request no trt 5 28 2013


Buffalo, MN 55313

May 08, 2013

Dear Lake Pulaski and Little Pulaski Property Owners:

The Lake Pulaski Improvement District (LID) has contracted to treat Eurasian Watermilfoil and Curlyleaf Pondweed in Lake Pulaski and Little Pulaski in 2013. This year’s application will be considerably less than 2012, as new DNR guidelines have decreased the application area to a maximum of 15% of the littoral acreage. In 2012 we were allowed 72 acres on Lake Pulaski and 7 acres on Little Pulaski. In 2013 we will be allowed 17 acres on Lake Pulaski and 5 acres on Little Pulaski.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has granted to the Lake Pulaski LID a waiver of the requirement that the association obtain the signatures of approval of owners of lake-shore property. Instead, the Lake Pulaski LID will notify property owners of the treatment through an alternate form. This letter is one form that the Lake Pulaski LID is using to notify property owners. Other forms will include notification on the Lake Pulaski web page, ww.lakepulaski.com. Discussion of weed control is also on the agenda for the Lake Pulaski LID’s annual meeting. The annual meeting this year is scheduled for Tuesday, August 20th at 7pm at Huikko’s Event Center, 1207 Hwy 25 North in Buffalo.
With regard to the treatment for this year, 2013:

  1. The proposed date for treatment:. May13-May31
  2. The target species for the treatment: EWM & CLP
  3. The method of control or product being used: 30 foot long trailing hoses attached to the back of the application
    boat will place the herbicide within the area targeted for the plant species
  4. If you desire that the treatment of EWM or CLP not occur adjacent to your property, please notify Linda
    Engwall, Lake Pulaski LID Board Member, immediately at the following address, phone number or email:
    Linda Engwall
    1410 Pulaski Rd
    Buffalo, MN 55313
    763-684-7304 (work)
    763-682-1634 (home)
    [email protected]
  5. After notifying Linda, please fill in and mail the form on the second page to the above address

Lake Pulaski Lake Association Board of Directors

I have read the annual letter sent on or before June 6 of this year and reviewed this document. I request that no herbicide treatment occur adjacent to our shoreline property.



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