LID Meeting Minutes 7-30-2019

Lake Pulaski LID Board Meeting Minutes

Location, Date & Time: Murphy Co Design, 15 Division St E Buffalo, 7/30//19 7:00pm

  • Attendees: Bill Jundt, Dave Tauscher, Jill Murphy, Jon Tank, Brooke Cebulla.
  • This monthly meeting is held for the Lake Pulaski Improvement District members and is open to the public.
  • Meeting was called to order by Jon Tank.

Previous Business:

  • Bill Jundt made a motion to approve the LID minutes from March, 19th, 2019. Motion seconded by Dave Tauscher. Motion approved.

New Business:

  • Lake level update given by Jon Tank and Bill Jundt. The LID completed a permit for the 600ft no wake zone to be put in effect to the water patrol on behalf of the declaration from The City of Buffalo. Buoys were also placed by Anchor Dock at the 600 ft mark. Materials purchased by the LID, including ropes, masonry block for anchors.
  • The LID discussed the addition or deletion of PID’s for LID assessed fees per Wright County. Wright County is looking into properties that may or may not be currently assessed fees, and if there are properties that should be added or deleted from doing so. Properties that have ownership, or owning an easement, or have direct access to the lake. The LID will not make a motion at this time to add or remove any properties to the LID. The LID will leave the decision up to Wright County.
  • The board reviewed the annual meeting agenda. Including such items as; order of discussion items, guest speakers, any materials purchased and last minute final details. Annual Meeting is on Aug 20th, at 7pm, at Huikko’s.

Financial Report:

  • Jill Murphy reported/discussed financial statements and expenses. Current balance is $213,733.64. as of end of June 2019. Details will be presented at the annual meeting. Jill is finalizing information with Wenck, Schlenner Wenner & Co, Wynthrop to have their report ready by the annual meeting in August.
  • Annual meeting will be Tuesday, August 20th at 7pm. Huikko’s Bowling and Entertainment Center: 1207 MN-25, Buffalo, MN 55313.

Meeting Adjourned:

  • Jon Tank motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9pm. Bill Jundt seconded, motion carried, meeting adjourned.