LID Min June 8 2021

Lake Pulaski LID Board Meeting Minutes                                                   

Location, Date & Time: Murphy & Co., Buffalo, MN 55313, 6/08/2021 7:00pm

  • Attendees: Bill Jundt, Jill Murphy, Dave Tauscher, and Jon Tank.
  • This monthly meeting is held for the Lake Pulaski Improvement District members and is open to the public.
  • Meeting was called to order at 7:16pm by Jon Tank.

Previous Business:

  • Bill Jundt made a motion to approve the LID minutes from April 27th, 2021. Motion seconded by Jill Murphy. Motion approved.
  •  Jon Tank gave the board an update on the Arbor Meadows development and discussions with Carlee Kjeldahl at the MPCA. Bill Jundt will respond to Justin Kannas with Bolton & Menk regarding the Boards input per the request from the City of Buffalo. 
  • Jon Tank reported that there have been numerous complaints regarding landscape development and the lack of erosion control from homeowners.  He has had discussions and has exchanged emails with the City of Buffalo, Wright County Soil and Water and the DNR to make sure the correct parties are responding to the issues as this falls out of the jurisdiction of the LID.
  • Jon Tank reported that he as been in contact with Lee Ryan at the City of Buffalo regarding the staffing at Griffing Park and felt that they have adequate staffing for now but may have some gaps in coverage going forward due to the lack of help.  He will reach out to the County and DNR if need be.
  • Dave Tauscher will follow up with PLM to get an update on when they will be out to treat for AIS.  Dave also reported that he was contacted by Wendy Crowell at the DNR wanting to know if the LID would be interested in participating in an ongoing research effort being done by Montana State University for the genetic make-up of a Eurasian watermilfoil or hybrid watermilfoil infestation.  He will also discuss this with PLM for input.
  • Jill Murphy reported that the July 4th parade will start at the Koch house marked by balloons on the dock with trophies for 1st,2nd, and 3rd place for the waterski parade, and 1st,2nd,3rd, and 4th place trophies for the boat parade have been ordered and will be delivered to the Koch’s before the start of the parade.

Financial Report:

  • Jill Murphy reported/discussed financial statements and expenses. Current balance as of June 8,2021 is $220,737.53.

New Business:

  •  Jill Murphy reported that the annual meeting will take place at Huikko’s on August 17, 2021, at 7pm and will be sending out notices to the homeowners in July. 

Meeting Adjourned:

  • Jon Tank motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:50pm. Bill Jundt seconded, motion carried, meeting adjourned.