LID Min Aug 2018

Lake Pulaski LID Board Meeting Minutes                                                   

Location, Date & Time: Murphy Co Design, 15 Division St E Buffalo, 8/6/18 7:00pm

  • Attendees: Bill Jundt, Tom Marr, Jill Murphy, Jon Tank, Brooke Cebulla
  • This monthly meeting is held for the Lake Pulaski Improvement District members and is open to the public.
  • Meeting was called to order by Jon Tank.

Previous Business:

  • Bill Jundt made a motion to approve the LID minutes from June 21st, 2018. Motion seconded by Tom Marr. Motion approved.

New Business:

  • Jon Tank updated members on the drainage pond. The City of Buffalo received a letter from Bolton & Menk, an engineering and planning consulting firm, regarding the pond. Their recommendation is to put in aerators in the pond. Pricing and details on how this would be implemented were included in this letter, so the City of Buffalo are going to call the LID prior to the annual meeting to discuss further details and ideas.
  • The LID discussed plans for the annual meeting including: updating weed (AIS) information, treated areas, water levels over the past three years, financial updates and finalaizing details with the accounting firm, budget review, and watercraft inspection update.

Financial Report:

  • Jill Murphy reported/discussed financial statements and expenses. Current balance is $184,415 as of the end of June. Details will be presented at the annual meeting.
  • Jill is finalizing information with Wenck, Schlenner Wenner & Co, Wynthrop to have their report ready by the annual meeting in August.

Meeting Adjourned:

  •  Jon Tank motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:57pm. Tom Marr seconded, motion carried, meeting adjourned.