Pumping News July 2013

We encountered issues with the pumps this past week. After approximately 5 minutes of running they would shut down on their own. A tremendous amount of weeds around the pump were observed. With the help of B &B Roofing’s clam boom the weeds around the pump were removed. The pump was restarted but continued to shut to down. Bill Jundt opened the pump pit hatch doors and watched the pump draw down the water yet it still shut down. The interior pump pit wall was full of weeds thus reducing the lake water flow rate into the pump chamber.

   A call was made to Olsen Electric as divers and an electrician were need. On Friday night two brave divers came out in ‘ocean like’ conditions and removed the weeds struck on the intake (lakeside) and on the inside.

The pump was started, and continues to run!! As special thanks to Bill Jundt, Kelly Brecht (City), Brad Burns (B&B Roofing) and Olsen Electric for all of their hard work and quick response to our pumping needs!!!